Allied Correspondence

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After David made his speech at the 2002 Ira Sohn Investment Conference, Allied launched a personal attack against him and Greenlight Capital. Rather than resort to similar tactics David and Greenlight Capital asked Allied Capital to stop the attack and focus on the issues at hand. During the next six years, David would continue to address the issues and wrote letters to Allied and its board. All of those letters and Allied’s responses are included below.

July 02, 2002: First letter to Allied after the speech asking them to stop personal attacks.
July 10, 2002: Allied’s dismissive response.
March 11, 2005: Letter to Allied Board about our Allied and BLX concerns, and about pretexting.
March 18, 2005: Allied Board response dismissing our allegations, including pretexting.
September 15, 2006: Second letter to Allied Board about BLX and pretexting.
September 29, 2006: Allied Board’s response denying any management role in the pretexting.
January 22, 2007: Open letter to Allied’s Board with detailed facts of Allied and BLX’s misconduct.
February 06, 2007:  Allied’s press release admitting to pretexting
May 01, 2007:  Letter from Greenlight’s attorneys to Allied’s Board requesting details of the pretexting. To date, Allied’s Board has not replied to this letter.