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Seeking Alpha
Jim Taggart Discovered! A Book Review of ‘Folling Some of the People All of the Time’
By Ankit Gupta
May 24, 2010

“Message to David Einhorn and Greenlight Capital: Keep up the good work – you guys have done some amazing research and set an example for investors everywhere. David, you put up with a lot because you believed in what you were doing – I bet if your goal was to make a quick buck, you would have left this short much earlier on.” Read More


The Objective Standard
Book Review
By Daniel Wahl
May 22, 2009

“One of the great values of Fooling Some of the People All the Time is that it is a case study in the practicality of observation-based thinking and moral judgment. The rise of Greenlight Capital from its start in a small, windowless office with less than one million dollars under management to a multibillion-dollar hedge fund with a long-term record of producing yearly gains of more than 20 percent demonstrates the fruits of rationality and justice.” Read More


Seeking Alpha
Still, the Crooks Be Winnin’
By Greg Newton
August 23, 2008

“Fooling Some of the People All of the Time can, according to one’s interest and frame of mind, be read on several levels. As beach reading, the subtle interpolation of the sometimes arcane detail of financial weaponry into a relentless plot has more than a touch of Tom Clancy. As an investment tome, it’s a reminder that even the most intensive research and being right on the facts doesn’t mean a
position is going to be particularly, let alone spectacularly, profitable.” Read More


Aaron Brown’s Blog
Chance is the Fool’s Name for Fate
By Aaron Brown
July 23, 2008

“Allied responds with attacks on Einhorn, false claims that they have already addressed the issue, defenses against unrelated charges, and complicated, unverifiable statements that amount to “trust me.” That doesn’t prove Einhorn is right (although no one is going to doubt that) but it does prove Allied is wrong, in fact Allied hasn’t even stated a consistent position.” Read More


Time Magazine
The Crusading Hedge-Fund Manager
By Justin Fox
Published:  June 19, 2008

“But as Einhorn recounts in a tone of aggrieved righteousness in its pages, his greatest disappointment was with the financial media and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), which instead of joining him in his crusade grilled him for conspiring to drive Allied’s stock price down.” Read More 


National Review
Not-So-Smooth Returns
By Stephen Spruiell
Published:  June 19, 2008

“The experience left Einhorn convinced that somewhere along the line, securities regulators stopped doing their jobs. As his book tells it, the SEC has become accustomed to prosecuting fraud only after companies have already imploded and the money is gone; but when it discovers fraud in progress, it is hesitant to act. Einhorn theorizes that the SEC doesn’t want to be held responsible for putting companies out of business and thereby costing innocent employees and shareholders jobs and money.” Read More


New York Magazine
The Confidence Man
By Hugo Lindgren
Published: June 15, 2008

“The repercussions of that one speech dragged on for years, an experience that would have embittered most people, or at least have made them back off. But Einhorn kept digging at the company, ultimately finding evidence of fraud that made his initial report seem tame.”  Read More


The Financial Times
Long journey down a short but winding road
By Deborah Brewster
Published: June 10, 2008

“Avoiding the ponderous prose that deadens many business books, Fooling Some of the People details his persistent and meticulous pursuit of Allied’s alleged misdoings and his efforts to bring it to the attention of regulators.

It is a welcome antidote to the thousands of books written for investors that paint a sunny picture of companies, regulators and financial markets all working efficiently and in the interests of investors. “
Read More
Short-sellers still aren’t villains
By Richard Beales
Published: June 6, 2008

“The spat between hedge fund manager David Einhorn and Erin Callan, Lehman’s CFO, has again turned the spotlight on short sellers. Investors benefit from having negative investment views to consider as well as positive ones. Einhorn et al shouldn’t be vilified.” Read More


Books: A Long Way Down for a Short
By Paula Schaap
Published: May 20, 2008

“Yet, in his geeky, micro-finance way, Einhorn tells a good story about the kind of exacting, balance-sheet due diligence investors should hope their private money managers employ. Not to mention their Wall Street banks. ” Read More


Einhorn Thows The Book At Allied
By Helen Coster
Published: May 16, 2008

“Einhorn uses Allied to tell a bigger story about what’s wrong with Wall Street. The book reads like a laundry list of his grievances. He’s snubbed on Allied conference calls and vilified as an opportunistic short-seller. He spends hours explaining the Allied story to journalists, who are either too lazy to follow up or include him in critical press about short-sellers. Regulatory agencies drag their feet, and the Justice Department refuses to intervene in his whistle-blower suit.” Read More


Business Books: Hedge fund manager relates “short” story
By Joseph A. Giannone
Published: May 15, 2008

“His book hits the bookshelves at a time when a growing number of critics argue the SEC and other federal regulators over the past seven years have been too hands-off, contributing to the crises currently gripping financial markets.” Read More


Seeking Alpha
Book Review: David Einhorn’s ‘Fooling Some of the People All of the Time’
By Jonathan Heller, aka Clyde Milton
May 13, 2008

“What you will find within the pages of this book will blow you away. This is a tale of deceit, fraud, misrepresentation, cloak and dagger antics, millions amd millions of wasted taxpayer dollars, and an unbelivable amount of effort expended by Einhorn and others to bring it all to light.” Read More


Circle of Competence Blog
Fooling Some of the People All of the Time
By Jeff Annello
Published: May 12, 2008

“I’d highly recommend any investor or business person pick up Fooling Some of the People All of the Time and read it cover to cover. Like any great investment idea, this story is a real no brainer. Einhorn uncovered some bad, bad things, and the people doing them were willing to spare no cost preventing the truth from surfacing. He stuck with it for years, and now the whole story is out there for anyone interested.” Read More


Cheap Stocks Blog
A brief Review of David Einhorn’s book: “Fooling Some of the People All of the Time”
Published: May 12, 2008

“What you will find within the pages of this book will blow you away. This is a tale of deceit, fraud, misrepresentation, cloak and dagger antics, millions and millions of wasted taxpayer dollars, and an unbelivable amount of effort expended by Einhorn and others to bring it all to light. Unfortunately a mounting pile of evidence still falls on deaf ears–far longer than you’d imagine in the post-Enron, Sarbanes Oxley world of today.” Read More


Portfolio Magazine
Diary of a Short-Seller
By Jesse Eisinger
Published: May 12, 2008

“Over the next several years, Einhorn would learn firsthand what happens to people who question the accepted rules of engagement on Wall Street. His saga is part detective story, part cautionary tale, part master class in investing, and a case study in what’s wrong with regulators, Wall Street, and the financial media (including me, as I play a small role).” Read More


BloggingStocks Blog
Book review: Fooling Some of the People All of the Time
By Zac Bissonnette
Published: May 3, 2008

“Of the 50+ business-related books I read each year, maybe 15 were worth reading, in retrospect. Then another five of those are memorable — in a good year. Hedge fund manager David Einhorn’s book Fooling Some of the People All of the Time leapfrogs both of those categories, and establishes itself as a classic of business writing.” Read More


Fortune Magazine
Short’s story
By Bethany McLean
Published: April 30, 2008

“But the most troubling material concerns an issue that is bigger than Allied and Einhorn’s battle: It’s the way criticisms of corporate behavior are received in the marketplace. Many, including the SEC, appeared inclined to shoot the messenger. ” Read More


Wall Street Journal
A New Face of Hedge Funds Isn’t Shy
By Gregory Zuckerman
Published: April 28, 2008

“Mr. Einhorn is ramping up his effort to combat what he sees as deep-rooted problems undercutting the financial system: He is ripping regulators, Congress, auditors, boards of directors and investigative reporters in “Fooling Some of the People All of the Time,” his new book. Mr. Einhorn, who lives in Westchester County, N.Y., has pledged profits from his book to other charities.” Read More


New York Times
Wall Street, Run Amok
By Ben Stein
Published: April 27, 2008

“YOU may well be asking yourself, as I have asked myself, how on earth did the credit crisis on Wall Street become such a catastrophe? . . .

Anyone who cares about this disaster would be extremely well advised — and I’d underline ‘extremely’ as often as possible — to read a speech on the matter that was given on April 8 by a genius investor named David Einhorn at a Grant’s Interest Rate Observer event.” Read More


Wall Street Journal
The Money Kept Vanishing
By George Anders
Published: April 23, 2008

“Now Mr. Einhorn has written a book. But instead of packaging the real or contrived “secrets” to his success – as cliché would have it – he has tried to do something less triumphant and far gutsier. In Fooling Some of the People All of the Time, he turns the spotlight on a single, stubborn investment play that never made much money for him but created six years of headaches”. Read More